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Previous workshop notes :


We are teaching the following 2 workshops in Angel, The Claremont Project

  • Sunday 13th, 10 - 2pm: Improvers fundamentals and sequence, including our intermediate level pre-requisites​

  • Sunday 20th, 10 - 2pm: Intermediate washing machines and sequence


To register for any of the workshops, please click on the link above, or for more information, contact Eugéne on 07502 959 653, or Anna on 07311647093, or alternatively email us  at

Improvers fundamentals and sequence workshop:

Beginners are welcome. Please let us know if you don't meet the improver's level pre-requisites below before joining this workshop, so we can prepare suitable progressions.

During this workshop, we’ll cover much of the content covered in our 7 week improvers course, including our intermediate level pre-requisites. We'll also teach a fun sequence that we've created specially for this workshop.

Cost: £32pp. If you have signed up for any of our improver courses or workshops, or have joined 5 or more of our improver/intermediate level classes in the past, we’ll offer you a discounted price of £25pp (6 tickets available at this price).

This is a great opportunity for those who are thinking of signing up to our intermediate level classes to go over parts of the pre-requisites that you might not be entirely comfortable with yet.


Intermediate level washing machines and sequence workshop:


Please note that there are pre-requisites for joining this workshop - refer to the intermediate level pre-requisites below.

Cost: £32pp. If you have joined 5 or more of our intermediate level classes or have signed up to our 4-week subscription this year, we’ll offer you a discounted price of £25pp.

Improver level pre-requisites (in your primary role as a base/flyer; with a spotter):

  • tictocs

  • foot-to-hand and reverse foot-to-hand

  • front and back birds and planks

  • supported shoulderstand

  • straddle throne (regular/reverse)

Intermediate level pre-requisites (in your primary role as a base/flyer; with a spotter):

  • ninja star (ninja bat) washing machine

  • 4-step washing machine

  • sidestars (inside/outside and regular/reverse)

  • star (jump in)

  • reverse star (at least one entry)

  • free shoulderstand (front plank entry)

  • baby whips (base spotted)

IMPORTANT Notice:   Please could you take a lateral flow test before attending our Workshops.  We will be providing lateral flow tests on the day if you forget to take one before arriving at the venue.  Thank you.

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