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God's window

God's window

Lord of the dance pose

Lord of the dance pose

Dad directing the pose

Dad directing the pose

High Croc

High Croc

Mum flying a back bird pose

Mum flying a back bird pose

Oti Mabuse Breakfast show, ITV studios

Oti Mabuse Breakfast show, ITV studios

Penguin Beach

Penguin Beach

Croc in UK

Croc in UK

Croc pose

Croc pose

A very warm Welcome!'s a little bit about acroyoga

Acroyoga is a physical practice that combines yoga and acrobatic movements, requiring at least a base and a flyer. At its essence, acroyoga cultivates; trust, active participation, mutual support, effective communication, body awareness, creativity, strength in body and mind; and most importantly, connection with others through play.


Acroyogagenie instructors teach the main principles of acroyoga while extracting inspirations from various other disciplines, such as contemporary dance, argentine tango, Tai chi, ballet and the more traditional yoga practices.  They focus their teaching on the process of shared creativity and the use of beautiful technical  alignments to refine and produce aesthetically pleasing sequences which evolves into performance standard pieces.

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Acroyoga Fundamentals (Stage 2)

Completed a few beginners classes, and now you're ready for a bit more of a challenge?  Join us for the fundamental sessions.

Wednesdays 7:30pm - 9pm

Acroyoga Washing Machines



8:15pm - 9:30pm



Jam ~8:50pm - 9:30pm

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Flyer's Intensive

12pm - 1:30pm

7:30pm - 9pm



Check out various subscription options! Unlimited access our Classes, workshops and more (provided pre-requisites are met).

Angel, Islington


Acroyoga Classes in Hornsey


We offer private sessions catered for your Acro needs at our studio in North London.


We offer online sessions catered for your Acro needs in the comfort of your own home.

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"Happiness lies in the joy of achievement and the thrill of creative effort."


~Franklin D. Roosevelt

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High back bird in Thailand

A very warm welcome...

We hope you will find this website useful and inspiring.  We intend to use this website to provide useful information about acroyoga. Here are some  benefits of doing acro we think are important to share:

  • Improved fitness level

  • Improved body awareness

  • Improved communication skills

  • Increased creativity

  • to be part of our community

  • make lots of friends...

and to have a lot of fun in the process!

We look forward to working with you.

With lots of acro love,

Eugéne & Anna 

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